Orchard Tour & Tractor Ride

$12 per child | $20 per adult

Fun for the whole family on an Orchard Tour and tractor ride

Join one of our friendly farmer guides on a tour around The Orchard on one of our custom tractor trailers, in the picturesque Chittering Valley, only 45 minutes from Perth. Whilst on the tour, learn about how the fruit is grown and taste some straight from the tree. For most of the year (May to December) you can also pick and buy some to take home with you.

With a wide variety of citrus fruit there is something on the trees all year round. So it doesn’t matter what time of year you visit The Orchard you will be able to taste fruit directly off the tree.

Orchard Tour Duration: 1 hour (on a tractor trailer with frequent stops along the way)

Animal Feeding and Petting Duration: All day (before and after your tour)


  • Tractor tour of the orchard (approx one hour experience – tractor stops regularly on the tour)
  • Taste fruit from the trees all year round*
  • Taste freshly-picked fruit and juices
  • Feed the farm animals
  • Use of our Orchard Picnic area
* Between May and November there are normally lots of Oranges and Mandarins to pick. During December to April there are a range of different fruits on offer but it is not possible to guarantee what is available, it could be lemons, oranges, figs or pomegranates.

Orchard Tour

Once all the guests have taken their seat on our custom made passenger trailers, you will be pulled by one of our tractors around one of our orchards that overlook the Chittering Valley. Whilst on the tour your farmer guide will provide you with information about the trees, growing seasons and the different varieties.

Tractor Ride

The tractor tour runs for about an hour – from leaving the packing shed to arriving back, however, the tour stops several times for tasting (and picking when available) during that hour.

 The tractor trailer will be moving for approx. 15 minutes

Fruit Picking & Tasting

With a wide variety of citrus and other fruits there is usually something to pick all year round. Pick fruit directly off the tree whilst on your tour, cut it open and taste it.

If you would like to take Oranges (and Mandarins when in season) home they can be picked on the tour and then paid for in the packing shed – max 5kg per person.

Packing Shed & Fresh Juice

Once you are back in the Packing Shed, one of the farm workers will help you to weigh any fruit you have picked so you can pay.

You can will also be given tastings of our refreshing citrus juices.

Farm Animal Feeding & Petting

After your fun tractor ride and with a belly full of our citrus fruit, you can head down to our farm animal enclosures.

Your Farmer guide will provide you with a bag of food for you to give to our hungry animals.

Tour Info:

Tour Duration:
1 Hour (but you can spend all day here)

Thursday to Sunday
Sessions Times: 10am, 11:30am, 1:30pm & 3pm

Tour Bookings:


The tractor tour is approximately 1 hour long, which includes time along the route to pick and taste fruit.

Because we have a wide variety of citrus trees and some other fruits, we offer picking all year round (subject to availability). Something will always be in season whether that is Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Mandarins, Pomegranates or for a short time, Figs.

Please email us if you would like more information on what is available at different times of the year.

Yes each paying customer can pick up to 5kg each of Citrus fruit (not all fruits can be picked) and pay for it in the packing shed.

If you would like to pick fruit to take home, let one of our team know before the tour departs and they will give you a bucket to use when picking.

Yes the farmer guide will cut open fruit straight from the tree and let you taste it. You are also allowed to pick some fruit and eat it whilst on the tour (subject to the season and availability). Any fruit taken back to the packing shed in a bucket needs to be paid for.

Yes our trailers have a roof on them which provides some protection from the rain and sunshine.

We advise that you check the weather conditions before leaving for the Orchard and bring appropriate clothing, umbrellas, hats, sunscreen etc.

We have a variety of farm animals at The Orchard such as:

Sheep, Goats, Cows, Alpacas, Ponies, Chickens, Peacocks and Guinea Pigs.

There will always be some animals that you can feed with food provided by us (included in the price of the ticket).

There are several communal areas around our property that you are allowed to use for picnics. Please check with our team on arrival as to where you can picnic.

Our tours run regardless of the weather conditions, unless there are thunderstorms in the Valley or a severe storm with very high winds.

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