Disco The Dancing Pony

Caz and her pony

I had mentioned the idea of some farm animals to Adam, which he was also quite excited about and then he said the magic words. “Maybe we could get a pony…”
“Erm….what?” I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing.

“Are you serious?” I said through high pitched squeaks and shrieks.

“Just a small one, a miniature one, one for the kids to pet.” He said seeing my excitement.

Now I had been HORSE MAD for the vast majority of my life but since moving to Oz decided it wouldn’t be sensible for me to horse ride because we have two young children and if I had an accident the only person around to help with the boys would be Adam, and he was busy at work.

I gave it up and was happy with my decision, but then, we bought the farm. I was now in horse country, with horsey people and land all around us, temptation was knocking on my door. Adam’s words were comparable to telling a child they could have the most amazing Christmas present, something they have always wanted.

My best friend and I would spend hours working out how we could save our pocket money or get a part time job when we were older so that we could buy and keep a horse. It had been a dream of mine for 30 years (that makes me feel old, let’s just say, a long time!).

I searched the Internet. I wanted to find someone local who sold miniatures so that I could always ask questions if I needed to. I knew I still had a lot to learn. I found a lady that ran local shows just 15 minutes up the road! It was meant to be. I took the kids to suss out the ponies she had for sale and our eyes fell upon a beautiful cream coloured miniature. She was a Palomino Dunn, her name was Disco.

“Mum?” said Jakey, in a questioning tone. “Why is she called Disco?”

“I don’t know my boy, maybe because she bops her head as she walks around the paddock like she is dancing, look…her head really does bop.

We watched her in the paddock as her bright mane swished and caught the sunlight. Her mane and tail almost the same colour as my eldest son, Thomas. She had a cheeky spark in her eye and her little face was just adorable. She was spirited and responsive as Thomas trotted her on a lead around the paddock. It’s like the two of them had an immediate bond. Little did I know that they actually shared the exact same birthday. Looking at these two young souls with their golden hair and cheeky nature, it was a match made in heaven, or in this case, in a grass field!

“Don’t get too set on her” said the hubby as he desperately erected fencing for the animal paddocks. “We aren’t nearly ready to buy yet, we will have to wait a few months at least.”
“Whaaaaaat?!” But I had met her, we had all bonded and I had a story in mind for her already. During the weeks we waited to confirm our offer, I wrote a story all about Disco. What if someone else wanted her, I was already too attached.

“She could be the star of the Orchard.” I said persuasively to my hubby.

When we finally confirmed we would buy her, Adam wanted her at the farm as quickly as possible. The day she arrived I waited outside the front of the Orchard. We hadn’t told the boys she was arriving, I was worried they would scream with excitement and scare her but Adam said to trust him.

As the horse float pulled in, I felt like I could cry. My childhood dreams were coming true right here and the boys were about to have the most amazing surprise. Did they really know how lucky they were? I don’t think so, I just hoped one day they would look back and realise how special this moment was and how lucky they were to have such an incredible pet. Thomas had been saying he would spend all of his birthday money on helping to buy her so I think he was pretty set on Disco too. He had no idea we had already bought her and she was officially ours in just minutes.

The boys ran to the trailer, full of excitement and their hearts melted as they looked at little Disco. They couldn’t wait to lead her to her paddock. Disco was shown her new home and she settled in well.

As the boys walked her like a big dog on a lead up and down the orchard rows I realised how great this farm was going to be for the boys and the new experiences they were going to have. The life skills they would learn and the appreciation of nature they would gain from spending time with animals and wildlife.

This was the best decision EVER!

What next? We had three more paddocks. Time to expand the animal family.

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